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The Art of Loving You

Book Club Questions

1. Libby and her mum have had a strained relationship, partly due to lack of communication. Is it ever too late to repair past hurt?

2. Alice has kept a secret from Libby. Do you think she should have been honest from the start?

3. Libby’s ex-boyfriend, Owen, was a terrible person when they were together and yet has since settled down and turned over a new leaf. Do you believe that people can change?

4. Noah put his life on hold following a family tragedy. Should he have repaired the damage earlier? Why do you think he didn’t try?

5. Jack always helped strangers, sometimes putting their needs before his own. Is this selfish or selfless?

6. Liam’s teachers had written him off as a troublemaker and yet when he’s given a chance to prove himself, he shines. Are we are too quick to judge kids today?

7. ‘Life isn’t all beer and skittles’ Sid is fond of saying. His generation are often incredibly optimistic. Why do you think this is?

8. The theme for The Hawley Foundation Prize is ‘hope’. If you had to submit one photo to fit this theme, what would it be?

9. When Libby is being prepped for surgery, the nurse mentions seeing Jack outside the baby unit. What explanation could you offer for this?

10. Do you believe any of Libby’s experiences could have been real?

11. What would you like for the characters after the story has ended?