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The Life We Almost Had

Book Club Questions

1. ‘I made a mistake’ Anna writes to Adam during the prologue of the book. What did you think might have happened between them?

2. Adam discovers ‘There’s less than a fifty per cent chance of couples staying together in a long distance relationship and out of those couple who don’t make it, the average time they were together was four and a half months.’ Have you ever been in a long-distance relationship? What was the reality for you?

3. Did you think Nell and Josh would end up together? Where you pleased or disappointed with the way their relationship progressed.

4. When Oliver meets Anna, he offers her a life changing experience but of course, with the possibility of harrowing consequences. What would you have said in Anna’s position?

5. Oliver questions whether he is playing God. ‘There’s a percentage of the population who oppose scientific development, whether for religious or moral reasons. Those who believe that humans shouldn’t interfere with the natural order of things.’ Discuss.

6. When Anna shows Oliver, what she believes is proof that her experiences were real, did you believe her?

7. Adam makes a heartbreaking sacrifice for Anna. Did you understand why he did this? Was it selfless or selfish?

8. When Anna visits the address Adam had written down near the end of the book she stumbles across something truly astonishing. How did you feel when Anna made her discovery?

9. At the beginning of the book Anna questions whether love can be eternal, by the end she has her answer. What do you think?

10. Is a second chance at first love worth risking spoiling the precious memories you have of that time?